High-tech welding lighter😮😮

款式 :

The welding ignition artifact is lit with piezoelectric ignition technology, one-button piezoelectric ignition, and the spout is surrounded by a ceramic structure, which can be quickly lit and cooled. , keep your hands safe from flames.🔥🔥🔥

  • Super powerful blue flame gun with 3 settings according to the intensity.
  • It is safe and easy to use. 360 degrees at will, all-round without dead ends, can be used upside down.
  • The straight blue flame is strong and powerful, and the fire is more powerful.

  • Unique Design: the flint metal permanent match lighter is just an keychain which is great deal to play as survival tool which camping, hiking, backpacking and adventure

  • The powerful torch jet can easily resist any breeze. The lighter all-metal case is made of high quality zinc alloy.


  • Great Gift Ideas: it is designed very elegant and fancy, packed with an elegant gift box, make it a great gift ideas on many occasions such as business gift or birthday and more

  • Body material: zinc alloy
  • Function: Windproof
  • Color: walnut, carbon black
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