Teak tableware set


  •  The whole set of cooking spoons and spatulas are uniformly made of natural acacia wood, with one-piece molding. Elegant texture, warm feel, excellent weather resistance, not easy to deformation does not hurt pots and pans, perfectly present the art of practical.

  • High quality wood: teak expansion and contraction rate is small, not easy to deformation
  • Exquisitely polished rounded corners, not easy to damage the cookware and coating.
  • Healthy and harmless: the surface is transparent varnish, which plays a protective role.
  • The top of the spoon and spatula handles are perforated for easy hanging and draining, healthy and hygienic and easy to store.

  • Small leaf acacia wood, folk called Thai teak, hard texture, hardness is comparable to mahogany, beautiful texture, good wood quality, natural anti-corrosion and insect resistance.
  • First cleaning of wooden kitchenware
  • For newly purchased wooden cookware, it is recommended that you do not boil or scald it with boiling water, it will destroy the wooden structure! It is recommended to wash with salt water, and then rinse with water!
  • After the first cleaning of wooden tableware surface will have some rough feeling, is a normal phenomenon with the use of the number of times to increase, will become more and more smooth!
  • Wooden kitchenware maintenance.
  • After use do not put in a particularly windy, particularly dry place, and can not be too wet, that will grow mold (placed with chopsticks like hanging to dry) temperature humidity in the good.


  • Note: The goods are measured by hand, there may be a slight error, subject to the real thing.
  • Because it is natural teak material so the product has a white edge is normal, please receive the physical object shall prevail.

Our 7-piece set includes all the utensils you need to scramble eggs, quickly scramble vegetables, flip pancakes, cook spaghetti sauce, serve rice, and more!

  • The set includes:
  • Flat spatula
  • Spatula
  • Large soup spoon
  • Small spoon
  • Stirring spoon
  • Leaky spoon
  • Rice spoon
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