Retractable folding portable fan

Color :
N98 White
N98 Pink
N97 White
N97 Pink
Name: folding retractable multifunctional fan
Power mode: USB
Product Features: folding retractable floor fan, multifunctional desktop fan
Noise: 36-45db
Rated voltage: DC5V/2A
Rated power: 1.3W-4.8W
Applicable area: 12 square
Air supply mode: shaking head
Operation mode: remote control type
Whether to support charging: support
Shaking head mode: left and right shaking head
fall since the stop: does not support
Whether to turn the page fan: Yes
Weight: 1000g
Color: N98 white, N98 pink, N97 white, N97 pink
Whether the built-in battery: Yes
Built-in battery capacity: full 7200 mA
Function: remote control shaking head telescopic folding spray humidification night light
Motor type: brushless motor
Number of fan blades: 7 leaves
Shell technology: injection molding
Size: 199 * 199 * 860
Speed control gear: four gears
Whether with USB: Yes
Category: multi-function

Small size, beautiful, easy to store
7200 mAh battery, up to 20 hours of battery life can be carried around
Low noise, more quiet, more comfortable
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