Pet Shower Hose

  • Its unique, super-stretch connector slips over your showerhead or faucet and instantly converts it into an amazing pet bathing tool! Pet baths are fast and easy thanks to its easy-on, easy-off, go anywhere design. THE CONNECTOR STRETCHES UP TO 10 TIMES ITS ORIGINAL SIZE without ripping and fits most showerheads and faucets (*up to 7 inches in diameter, including odd shapes)
  • ITS ONE-OF-A-KIND, MID-HOSE CONNECTOR allows the bottom half of the hose to quickly detach, creating an ideal, shorter length for use in a sink. (simply re-attach as needed for shower use)
  • IT MAY WELL BE THE WORLDS MOST VERSATILE RINSING AND BATHING TOOL. It is also great for quick shower wall rinsing and cleaning, for baby bathing and for shampooing hair in a sink. You will also love its lightweight and portable, ultra-flex, non-kink, 5 foot hose which allows you to move from shower to sink with ease.


  • Material: Super-elastic Thermoplastic
  • Colour: Blue


  • 1x quality, non-kink, ultra flexible 5 foot hose
Pet Shower Hose
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