New Upgrade Electric Spin Scrubber

  • 【New Upgrade】- new spin scrubber is a new combination of 7.4V, 2000mAh, 14W, superpower storage capacity, more durable use, you can use 60mins+ continuously.
  • 【Housework Assistant】- Spin Scrubber frees housewives from the cumbersome housework, making housework fun and improving the quality of life, let you enjoy a comfortable family environment.
  • 【Featured Combination】- Spin Scrubber has 3 unique brush heads for fulfilling your different cleaning inquiry for a shower, tub, tile, floor, bathroom, grout, kitchen, baseboard, sink, wall, toilet, ceiling, window and so on. The Interchangeable brushes are for multi-purpose uses to get rid of soap scum. Flexible and durable bristles get into cracks and crevices with supreme effectiveness!
  • 【Safety Design】- Spin Scrubber is designed for your safety. It can be charged normally when the switch is “OFF”. The charging time is 5h. The intimate waterproof design gives you the safest product.

Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber


High-quality corrosion-resistant TPR rubber is plugged in any product part that may come into contact with water, preventing the product from being damaged due to negligence during use, increasing product usage life.

Small Battery Big Capacity

The battery is a lithium battery that can be recycled 500 times. This battery is stable on the market than other batteries. It has a long service life and a large storage capacity. 20cm length batteries can store 4000 mAh of capacity. Thereby achieving the effect you want to use for 2 hours.

Charge Easy

After the product is used up, it should be charged in time. When the product is charging, the light is red, after charge full the light is green. If the light is green when you charge, you need to pay attention to whether the switch is off. Our product is necessary to turn off the switch before it can be charged.

Package included:

1 X New Upgrade Electric Spin Scrubber

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